RHL Enterprises, Ist floor above Axis Bank,Mithapur Road Jalandhar,Panjab – Rude and Unethical behavior of the center co-owner

Reported By: surjit kanwal

Contact information:
RHL Enterprises, Ist floor above Axis Bank,Mithapur Road Jalandhar,Panjab JALANDHAR CITY

I had purchased a CGM P390 Machine with 9 Ball projector on 2013-12-02 costing Rs.62900-inclusive of taxes from M/s R S Enterprise 105,Ist floor Chitti Tower Jalandhar This firm was run by the owner of the present company M/s RHL Jalandhar and is now closed now.for the past few days my wife and me have been attending therapy sessions at the above cited centre at Mithapur Road.During course of our visits I told the lady partner that the said machines purchased from her five years ago has benefited us negligible despite our regular use She first refused that the machine is a duplicate and that i would have bought it from the 2nd hand market When i showed her their bill, she started alleging that we are instigating their staff to leave this service and find other jobs-she further alleged that we are spreading negativity.On 2nd April 2019, when we went to the centre for treatment, she insulted us in the open hall among all others gathering.However we maintained our cool and after the session called her inside the cabin and told her the that she was totally wrong and had I opened my mouth in the gathering,how much bad name for the CERAGEM products it will go to the public.she still did not realize and to add fire to our insult she refused my wife Mrs.Gurmeet from therapy when she again visited the centre on 3rd April 2019 and even held her customer card

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