Riaz patel associates , indore – fraud in selling plots

1. i am one of the victims of this great cheat CHEDHA, so called owner of the company YOUNG AND GROW which was being promoted by Riaz Patel Assosiates Indore 2. i have bought a plot in Regain Regency oppo ti IIM Indore via Riaz Patel Assosiates, two years have gone by they have not developed the area and just are making excuses, the employees of the company donot take up phone calls and make excuses every time 3. please get me my hard earned money i can be reached at 9473767228 rahul

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  1. Hi,

    Someone told me they will start development of colony after 1 month. Please let me know if any one has any other updates.


  2. Rahul . Shailesh nd rajesh i am also a victim of these cheater . we should gather and do the need full collectively .

  3. Paresh Cheda and Patel is playing game with plot holders. Young and Grow realators A.B. Road near Bhanwarkua Indore office bearers/directors/partners whatever always tells one story that contract given but contract money invested in MCX by Paresh Cheda on behalf of developer, and developer is in loss, Due to his money jam in MCX, He is not doing development work.
    We should complain to Collector in “JAN SUNWAI” and also lodge complain on CM helpline and CM Samadhan phone no. 181.

  4. similarly he cheated many such customers at indore and near by places.

    we should file a case against their company.

    we should make the list of all such customer and assemble at date to final a course of action.

    1. jain-plot holder

      please all plot holder gather in maximum no. to make the case solid ….contact d advocate@ trade center….as soon as possible…we need large no. to initiate action before wednesday