right career step, pune – fraud consultancy

Right Career Step is a fraud consultancy, faking all the details. they don’t have business. they are taking money from candidates and not provided single call.the ower vipin pednekar is also a fraifraud person. from girl candidates he asking different things. so beware of Right Career Step and Mr.vipin pednekar

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  1. Thanks but please also mention when had you meet us or visited our office , or contacted us . we would appreciate to know the same , as we would really want to understand and get your details to clarify on the same.

    1. and also we will try our best to get the details on the place and where you had posted it.you are fake to not mention your details

  2. I had got several good options and job opportunities from Right Career Step.People who never visited them can only comment against them.there are many friends of ours who visited this consultancy and are very happy.
    Ms parul mehta please describe about yourself i am sure you wont reveal your details to them

    Thanks Right Career Step!


    Fake complains and clean background of right career step

  3. Right Career Step

    First thing is that if you have paid in our consultancy for a job and you had faced any issues you should be free enough to mention your name and details so that you get your clarifications from us.
    Please prove us ur existence and visit in our office so that we get the proper explaination to you.
    We understand that every individual is free to write and express and if you doing so then please elaborate .
    And FYI the details you mention about us cleary shows that you had never visited us or have interacted with us
    We are open to clarify so henceforth mention your details and then complain
    We have no records of you visiting us or interacting with us.