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Rio Technology Data Entry

My name is Ajo .I am from Kerala. Sir, A company named Rio technology that is from Maharashtra is a data entry and one of their one employee message in whatsapp and offered me a data entry job and registering in 300 rs in with my documents and they made a agreement on a non judicial stamp of my name and second party and their own as second party then. They sent me user ID and they assigned me me 120 pages for data entry work for 12 days I completed this job with extreme hard work, The total amount 25200 RS and 9700 RS will cut in the first assignment balance 15500 RS will be first salary they told it. but in the end, instead they rejected my work and terminated my ID. so they are telling me, i have to pay the fine of 9700 RS.otherwise settle at court 15000 RS and 6 month at central jail.I am worried for this case.but i have pay the money after one hour.Just half hour the Advocate told pay 25000, other wise u will pay 25000+legal charges of the court.The advocate blackmailing to pay 25000 at avoiding legal proceedings. The advocate said section 420.
A/C Holder :- RIO TECHNOLOGY A/C Number :-[protected]
IFSC Code :- CBIN0281250 Bank Name :- Central Bank Of Indian
This is the details of account holder and account number.This is a fraud company .please help me i am poor family.

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  1. I am from Chennai and i joined this online data entry job by paying 300 rupees. Then they gave me a zip folder containing 120 pages to be completed within 12 days. I submitted it and sent them but they terminated my project saying it has error. Then they asked me to pay 14,500 to completely relive me. I paid them the amount and they sent me a NOC from the company side. Now again after a month they called me and asked about the details saying it was a verification call. The next day I received a mail from an advocate stating to pay another 25,500 or else they will take legal action. Kindly please help me with this situation.

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