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Reported By: Roshni Rasal

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Rna Ng

Hari Nair (CEO), Narender Gupta (Director), Aamir Siddique (Manager) and Komal (Admin Manager),

Dear Friends,

First of all be away from RNA (NG). They are coming up with their projects in Mira Road (East) with the title of NG Silver Spring, NG Paradise and etc… The word ‘NG’ is for ‘Narendra Gupta’. Kindly do not invest your hard earned money in their property and specially in ‘UNDER CONSTRUCTION’ property. These people do not provide you the “EARNEST MONEY FORM’ or “BOOKING AMOUNT FORM OR RECEIPT”. The whole and sole purpose of not providing you this vital document is to extract your booking amount money. First Mr. Aamir Siddique ask you to pay booking amount and promise you to collect the acknowledgement receipt later by giving the reasons that receipts comes from their Head office situated at Fort, Chruchgate. Later on after several reminders he make excuses and finally don’t give you the receipt. Later on Aamir Siddique and Komal will be after your life to deposit Stamp duty, Service Tax and VAT amount through NEFT/RTGS in their account on ASAP basis and if you dont do it you will get 100 calls a day including calls for termination or 24% per month penalty. They dont provide you the draft agreement to read and to refer. After chasing them if you succeed to take draft agreement from them you will get exactly what you need to know and that is date of possession, which will be 3 – 5 years from date of registration.

In my case Aamir Siddiuqe said possession is on 1st April 2017. Basis this I deposited 1Lakhs as booking amount. I was not given receipt even after several discussions, request and emails. I succeeded to get draft agreement from them and while going through the agreement I came to know that I will get the possession only after minimum in 3 years and maximum in 5years from the date of possession. When I said I cannot wait for such a long time and I want to cancel my booking, he denied to refund my 1Lakh and asked me to visit their Head Office at Chrucgate and meet HARI NAIR and NARENDRA GUPTA. I visited their head office 10 times and after seeing me again and again on 10eth day Iwas informed that both of them do not meet any one. I asked for an appointment, but I was told they don’t meet any buyers. For any greivieance meet Amir Siddque. When I called him he said “Kitne bhi chapal ghis lo, Consumer toh kya koi bhi court apki madat nahi kar sakta, Karachi se bhi phone karoge toh bhi mein apka paisa refund nahi karunga. Aur mere siva apko CEO and Director khada bhi nahi karenge”

Buyers, if being consumer you cannot meet CEO and Director then who will help to resolve such misleading and misrepresentation cases. I have written to CEO and Chairman, but I haven’t got any response from them. I will definitely take legal actions against them.

But please do not get into trap of Aamir Siddique, Komal, Hari Nair and Narendra Gupta. Better go with some reputed builders in Miraroad. RNA NG are fraud builders.

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