ROOZGAAR and other services – fraud and cheaters

Hello Sir;

I got a call from Roozgaar that if you take up service we assure you gaurenteed jobs, and when i have taken all services. And they commit that you will get refund all your money. On that basis they made me pay Rs 35,000 and when i am asking for refund. They would say theres a process for refund to security check and in that also i found my money got deducted. This happened 2 time. and lastly some another company called they said roozgaar is fraud company and govt has asked us to repay to all and that guy itself was fraud and i found my a/c going complete NIL.

Kindly take some action against such fraud and cheaters.

I would reuqest all others to whom such fraud has occured to take some action against them legally.
vatsal Patel
My email id:- [email protected]

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  1. i too got a cal from roozgaar and forced me to pay rs500.after that they asked me to pay the gods grace there is no amount in my account.then they said ok sorry mam bye.again i called them back but no please take an action against those frauds