– Economical fraud

Respected Sir;
I Santosh kumar Mishra from E-203;Shalibhadra Regency ;100 Ft link Road ;Nallasopara (East)Thane-401209,Maharastra—-Contact NO :-09594747989.
On 24 Dec.2013 at 12.00 noon I got call on my mobile No. 09594747989 from from 0120-4957500 by a person said his name Rahul Singh that there is a vacancy. For this registration is require and he told that the registration charge is 1500 and service charge 185 but I had to pay only 185 Rs service charge other charge of 1500 is free .I don’t have to pay 1500 Rs. I am looking for a job change due some problem with my present company hence I got happy thatIi had to pay only 185 Rs .
In evening at 7.45 PM i got call from 0120-4957500 for online Registration .At first step i paid 1685.40 Rs for Resume Xplode .At second step I paid 5053.95 Rs for profile verification and power resume.
At this I come to know that I got cheated but then also I continues because if there are authentic I will get my money back and if they are cheating me then Police should have sufficient proof .
Again I paid under name of career reports and Roozgaar power resume a sum of 10,111.30 Rs and for designer resume 6740.48 Rs for Roozgaar Linkin profile and designer resume 12920.30 Rs .
Total 36,511.43 rs.
At every stage he was telling me that it is last step after completion you will get your amount back except those 185 Rs which was Service charge for resume Xplode .
At this stage he transfer the line to other person who told his name is Kabir jaiswal .He promise that the money will return within 24 working Hrs .

On 25/12/2013 at 7.30 pm again he call from the same No .This time he told that he had made the call for transfer the money which they collected from us .I was not at home so I give my brother no for contact for fund transfer .Then he contact my Brother Raj Kumar Mishra. From him he ask his Debit card CVV no for fund transfer .at this time he oppose to do that what he want .
On 26Dec2013 at 8.00 pm he call me from mobile 09278701923 for fund transfer this time I was home but as he knew that I don’t have money in my account he told me that he want to talk with my brother I give his no .he talk with him and start pressuring that if you want money back you have to complete one process .At this stage for Roozgaar ask A Question, Roozgaar career report whose cost was 8427Rs . But he refuse do this then again keep calling for 3 to 4 time that if want money back this stage you has to complete but we refuse to do this …

Name of person as he told—Rahul Singh
Contact No.0120-6612700;4957550;4957500
Mobile No.:-09278701923
Kabir Jaiswal:-09278703686

Now when they called me I told the Executive that I had gone to Police he (AlOK Mishra –other guy) assure me that he will try to stop at least 2-3 service .
But no progress and started showing that they are fulfill the duties buy making Designer resume and process resume Xplode Service and linked in services.
They are trying show they are keeping their words but what about the promise made my their Executive Mr. Rahul Singh who cheated me by saying I have to pay only 185 Rs and other amount will return after completion of process .Mr Alok singh who promise me that he will try to cancel 3 if not 3 at least 2 for highly charged services.

In past days he contact me for refund only Rs 13000/- but I refuse it .Then yesterday on 10/01/2014 again he call me and told me that they want return my full money and apologize for cheating.
They want my Bank account information for fund transfer but i was cheated so I did not share any account detail.

He told me that for fund transfer they want to verify my account and for verification it is must that I maintain Rs 10500/- in my Account .

Hence I had register myself on many other site also for awareness purpose about I start getting call from different part of our country like Delhi ,Ahemdabad,Nagpur,Pune who als got cheated by like me . Here is name ,Phone No , adress ,Cheated by Site name 1)Anant Mishra,9601796895,Nagpur,
2)Arun Singh ,8595304948,Delhi, 3)Hardhik Jani,9879908211,Ahemdabad,
4)Jagdish Vaidya,8623069789,Pune,
As much i know in past was known as .If I not wrong then I think the and are one and same . For awareness and to stop these people from cheat other people like me and above who are looking for job or job change are soft target for these people. So I need your help for aware other people and send these people behind bar.

Today on 19 Jan 2014 I got one call again from from Phone No.:-0120-6638604 & again 0120-4957400 regarding refund but their aim was get some more money from me . During the call I heard in background other person was calling some other person with Name of Hence I am Sure the Roozgaar and are same.

Hence I need help from media to fight against the gang of cheater and put them behind bar and punish as per Indian law.

Thanks & Regards
Santosh kumar Mishra

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  1. hlo,,my name is darshana,,,nd i got call frm dis…i dnt remeber their excutive name,,thery also told same,,tht i only hv to pay,,1500 rs and after they ill offer me job,,even i m fresher,,,15000 rs/month strting salary…i dd nt wnt to pay,,so i told thm,,this ws happend on 3rd jan..and thn again thery call me..on 30 jan ,,by mistak i recv,,and she ws,,doing butterpolish,,oppturiny wont wait fr u ,,blah blah,,thn i told her to call me noon..and ,,thn i put her no on auto rejection list,,,
    i dnt hv job..ryt nw,,evn i completed my post grduation in i ws damn sure,,this kind of websits,,cn nt help..evn times of india,,offer same things,,lots of tims i get their call regarding,,dis,,1st they say least amonth,,lik 300 to attrac job seekers..may they found ppl,,who r so desprate after nt having job,,for long period of time,,