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My name is Priti Uppal I am based in CHandigarh On 8th november 2013, an exec. from Appka Roozgar services called me and pestered me to get enrolled on his website free of cost, I began filling the form on line with the exec. prompting me on the phone.When I came to the payment details, the exec. told me that to complete the enrollment I will have to put in my debit card details. I refused saying that I did not want his services if they are chargeable.But he promised me that no money will be taken from my card,and that I just had to put my card number the card details again assuring that my card will not be charged.I gave in to his false assurance and put in my card details, only to find that my card was excessively charged When I asked him why my card was charged he said that He will guide me in refund process online and I was asked to put in my card details a no of times As this was a regular procedure , unknowingly I was charged Rs 30501 for services I do not require as the telecaller kept prompting me on phone that this was a refund process and he amt would be returned After getting a message on my phone for debit I tried calling back at no of Aapka roozgaar office but no response was received I checked on the internet about co only to know that they had committed the same fraud with a no of other people .Kindly look into the same,and address my matter as soon as possible.If any more details are required I will be more than happy to share the same.The only person who seems to be at the other end is one Mr Abhishek tel no 11204957500 This co is regularly cheating unsuspecting job seekers through trained telecallers kindly look into the matter HERE ARE THE DETAIL:- Order no R122767C8 2013-11-08 Roozgaar Career Report,Roozgaar Ask A Question, Pending Transaction Successful Order no R122760C8 2013-11-08 Roozgaar Job Assistance,Designer Resume, Pending Transaction Successful Order no R122739C8 2013-11-08 Roozgaar Profile Verification (Employment + Education Verification), Pending Transaction Successful Order no R122721C8 2013-11-08 Roozgaar Resume Xplode, Pending Transaction Successful Order no R122829C8 2013-11-08 Roozgaar Power Resume (0-1 years), Pending Transaction Successful Order no R122819C8 2013-11-08 Roozgaar Resume Analysis, Pending Transaction Successful REPRESENTATIVE SAID THAT ONLY RUPEES 185 WILL BE DEDUCTED BUT AFTER CHECKING MY ACCOUNT I GOT TO KNOW THAT 1628.1 Rs. 2246.9 Rs 8427 Rs 12919.2 Rs 3594.4 Rs 1685.4 Rs 30501. (RS.)HAS BEEN DEDUCTED

Priti uppal

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