I get a call(14/11/2013 : 3:30pm) from (representative) has told me that they are going to pay back my money (3,400) because of their inefficiency to provide my suitable job profile.They also mentioned that today is the deadline for getting my money back according to their official web procedure.
They (manager) are suggesting me to give them a bank account details(other than SBI, ICICI, PNB) with minimum 10,000 net balance for the refund.
After that I agreed to follow their procedure for refunding but they deducted total 23,000 (9,000 + 15,000) unnecessarily.Then they agreed that the balance deducted from my account mistakenly and will refund my full amount (23,000 + 3,400).
They promise me to give my money back to my account before 8pm (14/11/2013).
But still now didnt get a single rupee from their ( side.

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  1. Hi

    Even i am trying to get my money of 41,795 paid last week.

    this company is a cheating company.

    kamalahasan g
    mobile 9035493092

  2. NEVER give bank A/C details even to obtain a could have asked them for a cash/cheque deposit into your A/C by giving your A/C NO. & name of a/c holder.this is the way I was asked by a consultancy to deposit money.If they refuse,it means they do NOT WANT to refund money.I feel they should have needed only A/C NO. & name for net banking money transfer also.

    go to bank & get your A/C details changed.

    It was FOOLISH to give bank A/C details.NEVER give net banking password to anyone.