RoozgarIndia/Golden Sparrow – Fraud Company

On the very first day the clients of the Roozgarindia called me up and ask me that do I need a job and in which field? When I told them about my desired job profile, they asked me to send my scan copies of “Final Mark sheet, Certificate and an Identity Proof.” to a provided email address by them i.e., “[email protected]”. After that, they asked me to pay a registration fee of 2500/- Rs to their HDFC bank account as a registration fee. After which they gonna send me to four companies for introduction where getting a job would depend on my interview (as natural).

After that I checked about their web site where I found a number of complaints regarding frauds to people. The next day they called me up and asked the reason to not send the documents and money to them? I asked them about the complaints showing in Google, and they tried to convince me in a way that would pay the amount to them. For next two days they keep calling me for the registration. And in the fourth day when I asked them that why they are keep calling me every day for the registration? Why they are desperately waiting for my registration where I was not confirmed about that!

The shocked thing happened in that moment. The person’s name Sanjiv start using vulgar languages and scold me and cut the phone before I could replay to him.

I complain this not only for the sake of my own but to save others from getting victimized by this type of frauds.

They contact me through the following numbers-

Provided email-address
[email protected]

Provided Bank A/C info
A/c holder: Golden Sparrow
A/c no: 50200005225273
IFSC: HDFC0001897

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  1. Today,i also rcvd a call from an unknown number regarding a job in kolkata based company.
    Mentioned his account holder name is golden sparrow eservice.when i chkd d details in google than i come to know that it is a fraud consultancy.