– got the money, but not giving the services

sir, i like to lodge complaint against soumya goush contact no;9088887788;9062119988 owner of dealing multi recharge scheme.. I found their details on internet, and called them for the business. They promised me for the best service and commission. And asked for 25000/- .. I told them that i have been cheated earlier, so can not make you full payment in advance.. Then they said that i can deposit 7500/- in advance, and balance in next month. Whatever i demanded as service, they said OK.. Like recharge reversal, flat commisson, free alert sms, 24 hours support, FRC n special recharge commission. Then i deposited 10000/- in their account. 7500/- for activatation and website, and rest 2500/- for recharge value… Once they confirmed the payment, they stopped replying my phone calls n sms… They had promised me for the website and business to start in 2 hours, but they made it after 10 days.. N did not give any recharge value. awhen i asked, they said all your money is spent in website making.. For recharge value, give us more amoount. Then i deposited 2000/- in their a/c. Then again, they did not attend my phone call for two days. After that, when they replied, they said, You package was for rs. 25000/- . So first you deposit 13000/- more in our acccount, then i will give you recharge value.. Then i asked them that you promised me what i told you. They said we dont know anything, we want the money, then recharge value wil be given. When i asked for a refund, They said that we will not refund you any amount. When i asked i am gonna file complaint against you, they said you can not do anything on cash deposit. They were the only person, who asked me to make cash deposit in their account.. I have the receipt in electronic form… n phone call reccordings…I AM REQUESTING TO YOU SIR, PLZ GET MY MONEY N MAKE ME HAPPY… THE PERSON IS SAUMYA GHOSH, WHO IS THE MASTER MIND.. PLZ TAKE AN ACTION INSTANTLY, , I LL BE HIGHLY OBLIGED… thANK YOU… you can contact me at +91-8199014095

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  1. We are not accept cash deposit. You are payment rs 2000 for recharge. Don’t complain about this regarding. At first fill up your payment. Third party has suspande rs money account. We are sorry for that.