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Reported By: KrishnaW

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Hi Akosha Team,

I have complain again “S K Services” located at address “H.No-7-1-237/8/A, Renuka Nivas, 2nd Floor, Opp Bike Zone, Balkampet Main Road, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500016, email id “[email protected]” and mobile no- 08179679325, 09030117771. Below is the detail of my complain:

I got the reference of S K Services(For Employers) from Just Dail on 7th November. I called S K Services and spoke to the owner, who promised me that after I make the registration with them by paying the full amount of Rs 12, 000/- which will be valid for 1 year, then withinh 2-3 days of registration done they will provide me with a Hindi Speaking Maid for House Hold work and cooking. I made the full payment on 9th November, 2016 for Rs 12, 000/-. For this payment the employee named Ankita kept on checking with me till night 9 P.M, however once I had done the full payment they stopped taking my calls after 6 P.M. I kept on calling every day to follow up on the maid, but in vain, they came across numerous excuses everytime I called. Ankita also sent me two profiles of the maid promising me everytime that the maid would come the next day with her luggage for sure, however no one came and they even do not have the responsibility of informing me about the status of the maid. After requesting repeatedly that I want to talk to the owner who had promised me to provide maid within 2-3 days, the staff in the office kept on saying that he is not in office, we have given your message he will call you. But I never got a call from them yet neither from the owner nor the staff. Its already been 16 days but neither they sent any maid nor are refunding my money after requesting numerous times. When ever I call the call goes unanswered or some new staff will pick up and will tell that maid will be coming tomorrow, but in vain.

My request from Akosha is that please help me escalate this matter to the extent possible and help me get my refund of Rs 12, 000/- with a penalty of Rs 2, 000/- for all the troible they have given me and also so that these service provider do not cheat other people and do not give fake promises. I have all the proof of payment and their registration forms, please let me know if you need them and I will send those.

Hope my complain to be resolved at the earliest.


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  1. I paid SK Services Rs 14000 as charges for providing a Hindi speaking maid, two maids were sent and they left after working for 4 days. There has been no replacement for more than a month now. I am waiting for the refund
    The agency staff are lax and don’t care to answer my call. They keep giving false promises and then complain no maid is ready to come as the work is too much.
    I just need my refund, don’t want their services anymore

    1. Dear Admin
      Please remove my comment posted on August 27. My issues with SK Services has been settled. I don’t have any concerns with them

  2. Dear Krishna, I have been cheated by this company as well..

    Please post your experience on just dial and if you have met these people in person share their photos so other people are not cheated… I have been asked to file an Fir for fraud against these people.