I AM STILL WORKING IN THAT COMPANY (DEEP ASSOCIATES AND CONSTRUCTION) From 2011-20113 .30-40 Deals I do .5000rs every month less from my salary and said that’s for food and living .no other staff members give from me only .I give huge profit to the company 30-40 deals .but half of incentive they given or said deposit half of incentive in the company. the company rulle is 15000 salary and incentive is 10000rs . 3month ago and 4th one is started after 10 date of month company not given my salary or my deposit money.I don’t know what I do I request lot of time but they never give my money back . A example I have my office colleagues take money from me and given bme two account paid cheques (Bank of baroda) cheques bounced two to three times..aft er sometime they fired me.. so I can case in the behalf of bounced cheques. .That company eats salary and incentives of their own staff members. thefting deals and make money ..I m scared because I live in the company anything they do..anytime they make me thief (chor ) z


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