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Sandstone Infra

Hi All, Who all are booked Sandstone infra company Isnapurvillage Sandstone Squar Venture plot please email your whatsapp mobile number to “[email protected]” so that I will create a group since this company is not giving any update about layout approval till now and always they reply it will take more 1 month. I have booked plot in March 2017 and paid 25% as booking amount and they promised in 1 month LP number will come. But recentlywhen I checked with near by farmers who have lands beside this venture they said company has done AGPA with owners but not paid full amount and some farmers who have land in the company provided survey numbers in the advertisementbroucher those owners are not interested to sell that land to that company.

Note: Company not doing any further bookings in that venture as this will confirm the info which I got from village native farmers is 100% correct.

Also, if you write proper negative review on Google then automatically all of the sudden you will surprise by seeing positive fake review in next 1 hour which is nothing but company own people will give fake positive review.

BE Careful !!!


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