Sare Homes — Gst road project chennai – hand over delay 2 years

I have visited many developers around Mahindra world city and booked a semi independent Villa (A Type) at SARE Homes in 2011.
The hand over as per the agreement is by May-2013, I know it was never going to happen and expected a delay of 8 Months.
Till Sep-14, They have completed 70% of the work and have taken 80% money from the customers and put everything on hold till date, Not even a stone is moved.
When I enquired on Jan-15, The customer care rep told me it will be handed over in June-15 and every time whenever I ask they give a standard timeline after 3 Months.
Instead of employing so many people in office, They need someone in the construction site to work, I hope they know by answering the phone calls in the office they can not hand over the project.
In July-15 they have told, due to labour contract issue the work is on hold and no one knows when the work will resume.
The pre EMI for 18 Lakhs loan amount apart from the principal amount I have paid to SARE is Rs.17000/- per month and the compensation by SARE, If it is paid will be a meagre Rs.5 per sq feet.
I am damn sure no SARE employee ha booked a house here.
They block it in the initial stage and sell it to poor customers and take a handsome profit.
No one knows how to manage a project and no one is interested to know how much their customers suffer because of their laziness.
The nearby developers AVIGNA, AKKAM are far better and handing over the project on time.
Hope someone from SARE Homes reading this, before their name is spoiled by their laziness and Anti customer behaviour.


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