Saroj Hospital & Heart Institute, Rohini Delhi-85 – Cheating done by charging unused Medicines

Sir, Saroj Hospital sisters/nurses procured medicines in the name of my father but didn’t returned all the unused medicines to the pharmacy while discharged process I am attaching Bill 1, bill 2 & Sister Register copy for your reference. “Bill-1.jpg” details name of total medicines purchased for the patient & “Bill-2.jpg” details the list of unused medicines returned to hospital pharmacy. “Sister Register.jpg” details list of medicine used for patient. So If you will check, you can get the medicines used & unused by nurse. By which you can clearly make out some medicines like 9 Racelin inj were procured by nurses, 4 were given to patient but only 2 returned to pharmacy. There is no information for rest of 3 Racelin injections which costs around INR 700 each. In the same way there are so many other medicines for which there is no record.

h3 h1 h2

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