Satori technologies & Solutions – Fraud

Satori technologies is a fraud training center in chennai. At the joining time they will give lot of promises. Once you enroll in Satori technologies then every thing is over. I wasted 18k for My training. Please don’t join in Satori technologies . Satori technologies totally waste .

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  1. Satori technologies is Fraud Training center. I enrolled for SAP in Satori technologies. I am not Satisfied with thier way of training. Trainers also don’t have any experience in Real time. It is a total waste for my Money. Training is not worth for 10% of Money which i paid. Please don’t joined in Satori technologies for any course.

  2. Satori Technologies is the Number one FRAUD Training center . I Joined SAP course in Satori Technologies within 5 days they finished the course. It is purely Money Minded institute and they dont worry about students future. Satori Technologies FRAUD.

  3. Satori Technologies is the Number one FRAUD TRAINING INSTITUTE in Chennai. Please don’t think about joining in Satori Technologies.

  4. Satori Techologies Fraud
    Satori Techologies is Complete FRAUD TRAINING CENTER IN VELACHERY. I did SAP SD in Satori technologies last Month. It is total waste of Time and Money for us. This is Number one Fraud Training Center. FRAUD AND WASTE TRAINING CENETR .

  5. Satori technologies & solutions is a worst traning center Please don’t waste your Money. I Can’t able to control myself.
    I did SAP functional Module in satori technologies & solutions. I am not satisfied with their training . Initially they said trainers are real time faculty .After that I came to know they are freelancers. One old fellow took class for me . Initially he ask me fee individual. He don’t have knowledge on real time . I totally fed up with their Training. i will not recommend satori technologies to do courses. I wastesd my money totally.

  6. Satori Techologies Fraud
    Satori Techologies is NO1 FRAUD TRAINING INSTITUTE IN VELACHERY. I did SAP BI in Satori technologies last Month.Faculty is Totally Waste. Not Worth for 10rupee also.

  7. Never think about joining in Satori Technologies for SAP Courses. Satori technologies is the WORST AND WASTE TRAINING CENTER. DON’T WASTE YOUR VALUEABLE MONEY IN WASTE INSTITUTE.