Scorpio Technologies – – FRAUD COMPANY at Chennai AND Bhubaneswar is a fraud company. ( )My web site is They do not rank but invisible my web site rank. . They donot give you the service they promised. Totally unprofessional people.there. spoke to that I will give bad feedback against the company, then they threatened by saying, my photo and Aadhar card will be posted in all sites. ( they ask all these before joining their PMS service)Fools they do not know they have a privacy policy. If they break it they can be punished. Totally VERY BAD SERVICE and they are all FRAUDS. You may end up in heavy losses. Then they stopped my service itself. Totally fraud people…do not…

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  1. Its No. 1 fraud company. They never deliver the work. After getting advance from me the owner Samath Rai never attended my call. When i went to office and shouted he said he will not pay my advance as he has worked for 3 weeks and cannot pay the money. but no work has been delivered.

    I am going to sue him. if any other customers has the issue plz contact me. we need to take some action against this company.