Seabird Tourists(ITDC Ltd) – Cheating by Seabird

Hi Team, I had booked a Mysore Ooty 1n 2d package (luxury) from for 1st nov 2013 with ticket number 1579776. On the website it was written that we will be provided “2+2, Volvo Semi Sleeper, AC, Video”. After booking ticket on my ticket it was written that i will be travelling through “2+2, Seater, Non-AC, Video (40 seats)” and if we will cancel the ticket we will get cash coupons instead of money back.( As per the ticket, we will start at 6am from Bangalore, but it started around 9. AC was not working in the bus we have been given and finally in Mysore it broke down before we visited Vrindaban garden. They shifted us to a 20 seater minibus, in which a person with my height can’t sit it was hurting my knees (we have been promised 2+2 volvo AC semi sleeper). We traveled in the same bus for 2 hrs. Next day morning we are suppose to start for Ooty at 7:15AM but we started around 8:30 that’s too in a similar kind of 20 seater mini bus, which was not comfortable at all. Again the bus broke down (gear box broke down in a hill station) in Ooty and we were waiting at the same place for around 3 hrs in the same place for another bus without allowing us to go nearby for lunch. Finally a bus arrived and took us to botanical garden around 4:45PM and we were asked to return by 5:30PM after visiting garden, having lunch and also shopping, and there was no hotel available near garden for having lunch. We returned around 5:45PM and started to Bangalore in the minibus. But to our surprise in Mysore bus stop they stopped the bus and made us travel in the normal KSRTC bus to Bangalore telling us that the bus again broke down and no other KSRTC buses available from Mysore at that time (whereas we could see a deluxe bus and a Volvo bus also started from Mysore at same time). When I called the number ( 09243778800) given by them, complaining about our situation (3 times). That person was having fun and was telling us “wait there we will send a sumo and u can come relaxing in that” and never called back. This is the way they treat us in night around 11 PM, and I was accompanied by my wife. I have been cheated throughout the journey and never got what I was promised and I have paid my money for. I want my money back as I had booked for “2+2, Volvo Semi Sleeper, AC, Video” and what I got is normal 20 seater minibus and normal KSRTC bus. Regards, Jitesh

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  1. SEABIRD TOURISTS- From Bangalore To Mysore Ooty 1n 2d (Dlx)
    Hi I have travelled with Seabird tourist (ITDC) on 30th May 2014 for Mysore-Ooty (2 Days-1-Night Package) with ticket number- 1927382.

    As per the ticket the journey should start at 6 Am in the morning from Marathalli, but the journey was started at around 7 Am, that to not from the location mentioned on the ticket (i.e. Marathalli, Seabird office) but from a Marathalli bridge location which is far away from the seabird office. The change in location was not been conveyed to me after repetitive calls to the seabird customer care number given on the ticket (Seabird Tourists (9900081600, 08025401011). No body pick up the phone after 30 minutes of repetitive calling on the umber and finally the person on the other side picked up the phone and provided me the transport officer mobile number, who then told me about the change in the bus starting journey location.
    This is really an unplanned change though I have specifically asked many times to the customer care agent about the location while booking the ticket to avoid any issue as I am travelling with my aged Parents. This is really an unprofessional behavior by seabird tourist officials. As reached the place at 5.30 am early morning and they not even bothered to convey us the change in location.
    After getting in the bus and travelling for an hour we have changed the bus again at Seabird tourist Anand Rao circle office. After entering the new bus I Observed the bus was a total mess the seats were not proper condition the pushback function was not operating. The seat number 16 (a window seat) which is given to us was Closed with an iron sheet (for safety exit door) was making a lot of noise I was not able to sleep throughout the journey due to its loud noise. I have complained about the same to the tour guide but he has rude and done nothing to it.
    For the second day journey we have been given a mini bus (Bus Number- ) the bus was in a bad shape, the window glasses were jam packed and was not opening fully. The tour guide was unprofessional and rude throughout the journey and was not able to give us proper Information about the tour journey. During the journey after reaching a shop named as “Cauvery Shop” between Mysore and ooty the bus got broke down and the driver asked the passengers to push the bus and then only it was started. I was worried about the Journey towards ooty which is all steep curve and turns road journey in the forest area.
    During the site seeing the Tour Guide (Mr Ravi) asked us to pay Rs 50/Per head for entry tickets to (Forest entry Charges + Botanical Garden). But I have observed he has not paid any amount to any place. When I asked him about the same he argued with me and other passengers.
    In the return back journey from Ooty to Mysore the bus stop at a Petrol Pump for refueling, then the bus engine got stopped again and though it was raining heavily outside still the driver asked all the passengers to push the bus from behind to get start it…It was really pathetic experience. If the bus would have broken down during the forest area, then what would have happened to all the passengers, It was really a horrifying experience.
    **(Please find THE PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN FROM BACKSIDE while pushing the vehicle with this mail)
    I was worried about the Journey towards ooty which is all steep curve and turns road in the forest area.
    After reaching to Mysore all the passengers were dropped and shifted to other bus which has a similar pathetic conditions the roof was leaking with water due to heavy rain the seats were wet, the driver was drunk and scolding the passengers for complaining about the bus condition.
    I feel like cheated by ITDC for not providing proper service as agreed by them, It really a broke my trust on ITDC and its pathetic Service Providers (Seabird Tourist In this case).

    ITDC is really not care about the safety of their passengers and as I have been cheated, I need My Money back from the ITDC and Seabird Tourist.

    Regards, Kapil