Shalby Hospital Ahmadabad – Lethargic services [RESOLVED]

I am Dr Gautam Vijay, admitted one of my patients Mr SP Bhowmick presently at the hospital with Dr Viral Shah for D12 Fracture. We shifted him to Shalby with great hopes and its image of being a good corporate hospital, but are highly disappointed. 1. Asked for 4 people in ambulance (Patient was heavy built), only 2 showed up. 2. After reaching the hospital, patient was lying in pain for 2 hours waiting for investigations to commence, too slow process. 3. When admitted and shifted t room, there was no bedsheet for half an hour, housekeeping staff didnt show up. 4. Entire day patient’s relatives kept on requesting for a towel for patient, but housekeeping people and floor manager kept on delaying things till evening. 5. Financial section – there is no break even of charges to inform the patient regarding deposit money. Whats this new trend of depositing “Lumsum” amount? Is this the level of excellence they promise to patients ? I am sorry, with such lethargic attitude, they are on verge of becoming another claimed high class but lower standard hospital losing out patients sooner in future. Atleast I will not recommend anybody now.

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