Shanthi Nikethan By Vasavi Group In White Fields, Kondapur, 500084 — Road width

The road width opposite jayabheri siliconcounty i.einbetween Ramalayam & bank of baroda leading to the gachibowli road through white fields in the corner at the vasantha valley gate the road on the eastern side of the construction of Shangri nikethan is constricted and when compared to all other constructions the boundary is protruding onto the road. Perhaps as per the document he may be in his limits. But it was directed by the association of white field that every constructor on either side should leave five feet for the road. Accordingly some stickers were put in the beginning on the side walls of the road, which have been mitigated. However it can be seen that everywhere constructions are completed this was adhered to. The only places where it is constricted is at two places where the old house is left as it is and one construction place where it it is still under construction just opposite the old house . Where the construction is completed it is the only place where the Shanthi nikethan is existing. As you can see that the whole road from Ramalayam to gachibowli road is wider than at Shangri nikethan as well as the place still under construction. The traffic during the office timing is so heavy and often the traffic is just not able to move for more than half a km on either side of the Shanthi nikethan and this would easeout had he left that five feet as everybody left. It is curious that he had kept the entrance and out gates around 5 feet inside.
It will definitely be a traffic constraint at this place. It is requested that the same may be taken note of seriously and a corrective action is taken to avoid traffic congestion as well as any possible accidents.

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