Shein – high level complaint as going to for also because of no refund after 55 days

Reported By: ReenaSh03801106

Contact information:
Shein Palam vihar Gurgaon, Na, Haryana
Request number – #20184614

I haven’t​ got my money refunded worth amount: $48.24 — INR 3473 of an item which is already returned 55 days ago. The money was supposed to get refunded within 7 days of working hours still I am chasing with your stupid customer service.. But unfortunately it did not and I have lost my hope that’s why finally tagging the founder so that they will get to know how some stupid people running your business . Today it’s the 56th day and there’s no sign of any notification no back call which is for I am requesting again and again and they are just closing the COMPLAINTS. This is basically a harrassment to the customers who are buying the products and not getting the amount back.. It’s a humble request from my side to the founders of SHEIN @Chrisxu…⇄ please refund me the money back as soon as possible or i’ll have to find some other way out and will post the same on all the websites.. Please don’t lose your customers by breaking their faith

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