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Reported By: Alvin Poongavanam

Contact information:
Shein Mall Johannesburg

I have been searching for online work and came across this Shein Mall, the Guide Amahle – user name @Amahle5566 was assigned to me and guided me the tasks. I have completed first task and was told I couldn’t withdraw as I need to complete all tasks and when so called “rewards” came in for me to earn more items to promote, I had to put in more. I had no money left and Amahle informed me that she will keep my order until I can get more but I might loss some commission. When I was ready to put in more as I was told I only had to items to pay, Amahle then said after I had paid the 2 items, I had to pay in the money she got help from “merchants” to then release my salary. When I did and tried to get the money, it did not come through as it should ” insufficient credit score”. Amahle mentioned that because my orders were frozen more than once, I had to pay in again. I had gone back and forth with Amahle to mention that I was never informed of this and neither does in say in the site terms & conditions. I also was told I was never informed by her of that only that I would have loss on commission. I asked Amahle to take the commission and give my money back as the tasks were completed but has refused. I am still in contact with Amahle to try to get my money back.


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