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Reported By: Innocentia

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Shein Mall Cape Town

I saw in an Ad while looking for a job on the internet on the 28th of May 2024 and after clicking the link i was redirected to a Whatsapp number (+27 68 890 1469 that i had to text which gave me a link that i had register on the Shein Mall Platform and connected me with a trainer. Communication was later redirected to telegram with the trainer (username: @Shein_Teresa) who would teach me how to make money on the app as a part-time worker.

All transactions were done the 28th of May 2024. The required deposit to start making money was R100 and i got a deposit bonus of R50 so i could complete the first order to make a commission of R35, and i was able to make a successful withdrawal. After the withdrawal the trainer sent me a message stating that the are 5 levels to be completed, and each level contains 4 orders for a total of 16 items. Each level corresponds to a corresponding commission.

Level 1 order: Deposit R500, merchant reward R400, total balance R900. Order commission R200, total withdrawal R1100
Level 2 order: Deposit R900, merchant reward R500, total balance R1400. Order commission R389, total withdrawal R1789
Level 3 order: Deposit R1650, merchant reward R750, total balance R2400. Order commission R800, total withdrawal R3200
Level 4 order: Deposit R2500, merchant reward R900, total balance R3400. Order commission R1150, total withdrawal R4550
Level 5 order: Deposit R5000, merchant reward R2350, total balance R7350. Order commission R3650, total withdrawal R11000

Once I’ve completed the deposit for level 1 that’s when the orders started requiring more money that is far greater than my account balance. The trainer tried and convinced me to deposit the money for the 4th order, and told me the order requires more money because of the bonus that the order has, so since the order has increased its value this will in turn increase the amount of the commission and l will only be able to make a withdrawal after i have completed the order. I’ve since let that last order as frozen since i had no money to pay for it, taking screenshots of the platform and account number i had made the deposit into when starting the orders. When i pleased with the trainer that i don’t have the money to make the 4th order, the trainer told me to make a plan and borrow the money and that if i don’t complete the order in due time since they give you 1 hour to complete the order then there’s nothing he/she can do. I would really be glad if i could get a refund of the money i deposited which is R500. And to just warn everyone out there who’s desperate in getting money because they are unemployed and in need of money to be aware of this platform and to not make the mistake that i did.

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