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Reported By: Mridulgupta64

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Shine City Infra Lucknow

Strange to see such fake comments by paid employees of shinecity lucknow.
I don’t know how this company is running in the market with fake commitments, fraud employees and lier people inside the organisation.
I am a customer writing my complaint over here just to tell each of you that since last 3 months i am following up for my return payments with subhash chance and vivek mishra against r – soft plan (Rslp) customer id – (Cksq789) where i had invested 500000 rupees on 24th december 2017.
And in return 37 monthly check for 28500 & 1 cheque for 5 lac they had to give on 15th jan 2018 which was not given.
And when after 15 january i started calling both of them for my cheues they started making fool by giving dates.
I visited shinecity infra lucknow office several times but they just told me that the next week they will surely and were all the checks and checks are ready just signature is pending but in everyday they passed it for next week.
Even after 3 months i did get my payments, now today is mid of march but they still giving date every time when i call them.
When i asked to give me mds or any president of your organisation so that i can directly talk to them and ask for my checks, they are playing trick with me
Now honestly tell me you people are really sure that everything is okay inside this when the customer is suffering sachin huge problem and being frustrated i am going to make a legal on it for sure if this is not done by the end of this month.
At the end of this comment i would like to suggest you people that don’t just put your comment for the sake of your boss because you are being paid by then and asked by them to post a positive reviews this could happen with you as well.

Shame on you shine city infra lucknow branch.’

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