Shine City Infra Private Limited – It is fraud company showing project on their website only.

I booked one plot in 2012 in shinecity paradise garden project.But seems they showed some villeger land and still they have not made anything over there.
This company have around 20 sister company on thier website and each company launch one project in many cities.They are doing fraud with the customer by showing unused land .No single phone is working which is written on thier website.Now they opened refud counter and many customer asking for return of thier money.But seems we all stucked in this company.They have not deliver a single project but since 2011, they launched 15 new projects in different differnet city.
Please help me to get my refund.My name is Samta suman and my plot no is c2-78. and my emial id


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  1. Raunak Harlalka

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    I would like to purchase a new plot but i really dont know the trust worthy builders and their projects. Please help me out and guide me about the correct builders and their projects in kolkata.
    I hope you will help me out into this matter.
    Is their any genuine website which will let me know regarding the builders and their projects.

    Recently, i am about to book a plot in Shine City Infra Projects, is it worth. Please reply

    Thanks & Regards,
    Raunak Harlalka

  2. Shine City is a very good company and really you would be happy to have the project from them. Dont worry about the internet Trolls, they will mis guide you but actually Shine City is a really nice company.

  3. partha sarathi sengupta

    shine city is definitely a fraud company, now agents working in MLM scheme duping many of their hard earned money luring them with extraordinary returns, please beware however you can approach me at for any assistance related to fraud as I am planning to file a case against the company.