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Hello All, I am complaining against a fraud placement consultancy named “”. I have paid them a sum of Rs. 10066/- in total. Please help me to get my money back from them. Details of events are stated below:- First of all, in the morning I have made a payment of Rs.1898/-(track id_PZT14071214353525169) & after that they have asked me to make a payment for Resume Flash service & Interview cracker. I do not want to make both the payment at a time. So I have paid Rs. 2899/-(track id_PZT14071214585285118) and close it off. After that, in the evening another guy called me asked me to make a payment for some more “beneficial” services. In a sob-conscious state of mind I have selected those services & made payment of amount Rs. 5269/-(unfortunately, I have not save the print screen of this transaction). In this case they have told me that, “I close the gateway so if you make the payment now, your money won’t get deducted from bank account” as he had closed his payment gateways. So at that time I have made that. After getting back to normal state, I found that it is not possible to stop deduction of money from one’s side if he enters the password of 3D security. So after that I refuse to make any payment further. Till this point of time, I already have lost Rs.10066/-. Then I asked them I do not want any services from their end and I want my money to be refunded. I told them whatever the registration amount is, you keep that only and rest you refund me back. After that, there is a lady (not remembering her name) asked me to draft a mail saying that I want my services very soon. I did that also. And told her that I do not want my service, what I want only my money back. Then another guy Raj is there and he has told me that, they can not refund me the money back, instead what they can do is to refund my money with my first salary. So this is the whole situation with me. Please help me. My contact no. is +91-9833943286 / +91-8898953864 My email ID is – [email protected] / [email protected]

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