Shivpuri Trading Company – Fraud Company Cheating Lakhs from People –

Reported By: Raj

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Hi sir, there is this company called Shivpuri Trading Company, who are doing online fraud… few days back I received an SMS for part time work with a Telegram contact called amy, and there was a link: When I registered, they deposited 60rs in that account and gave me a recharge task for online orders.. I was asked to recharge for 200 initially and got a withdrawal of 300. Now I was referred to my tutor called rock… Then the amount increased to 500, which I did and this time I did an additional 300 recharge and was able to withdraw 1200.. Now the real game started… now they said 1000 rs task and this had some 6 tasks… this is where people are blocked… 1000 first.. then 1200…. then 4000… now there is no option to withdraw in the middle, so you have to complete all the 6 tasks.. now there is a bigger task for 13000.. then 44500… then 68314 finally… now finally my account shows 185340 amount but I am unable to withdraw anything.. every time I try a withdraw it says withdrawal failed, contact customer service… now the tutor says he is contacting mall and then says super lucky orders etc… I was foolish and was very late to realize that it is a scam!!!!!! Now this guy rock slowly started to not respond to my messages… Please someone help me recover my lost money, my next attempt is contacting Cyber Crime!!! Wish I get my money back… Rest of the folks out there… pls be careful!!!

How to file a complaint against Shivpuri Trading Company?

* Go to page
* Write Shivpuri Trading Company in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Shivpuri Trading Company.

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  1. I know about this crime, these people are scamming people day and night. It has to be stopped.
    Someone’s hard earned money is going in vain.
    I was also scammed of ₹86,000.