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Reported By: Rishi Pandya

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online bahut bhari pad gaya, common people are suffering from mental tress for this policy and feeling very tress full if any emergency comes then I could not able to utilize this fund. So this is chtting case nothing else, what you all want to do with common people, this money I can able to use and my festival also made dirty, on your policy e wallet I have book for getting discount and I could not able to enjoy the valentine festival for your system It destroyed my family and my daughter also has to watch all this and she is too small only 11 years. I theft for 1st time then how I can go for 2nd time online purchase. Online fraud , this I wanted to gift to my wife as a valentine gift but they have sent me the damage product and this I was looking on there shopcj website. And it was the offer product against valentine gift and it will reach to me before valentine, I am working in very small industries and my salary is also very less for Rs.11,500/- and for that getting some discount I have purchase from online shopping but now I am seeing so much fraud cases now I think why they will ask for 2 times bank details and again on email also. So what they committed it has not matched with it and still my product is not reach to warehouse so when I will get my refund amount that I don’t know, when the product is in warehouse than why they have asked for bank details. Cyber Cell Kolkata order no:20170203042037 dated 03.02.17 for Rs.1,148/- online payment and I have return the product due to damage on dated 11.02.17 awb no 2222461966 and i have received one sms on dated 16.02.17 and in that refund link for asking bank detail has been given and i have updated the same on 16.02.17 as a stupid I have submitted my bank details because I have paid them through online than also I have submitted bank detail so I am a big stupid. So my question is why they ask for my bank details for twice. and in that it has been written that you have submitted bank details successfully and your amount will be credit in to bank within 2 to 3 working days so please ensure that the amount should enter today itself as tomorrow is a bank holiday and i can able to unitize my fund for further purchase. And that email is also with me, on dated 18.02.17 when I have call them for my refund money on that time they told be that it is under process and will be refunded in one or 2 days and they inform me through email also. I have sent email and call both things to them and they assured me that it will get but on 02.02.17 when I call them again then they said that your product has not been reached to our warehouse and your complaint has been lodge. I have all document, recording, email and images against them which I can submit to you on asking and as it is a online purchase this is not a police case, why they asking for twice about bank detail as I have paid through e payment, I have also seen there gotala on social media also. Still they are not refund my money in the name of warehouse and which type of your e wallet work is going on and I think this is a chitting case. Rishi Pandya / 8017136130

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