Shop cj – Poor qaulity product with different colours and design.Dealing with coustmer is bad.

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Reported By: Babli Verma

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Shop cj

When i was placeing the order i asked to the shopcj employee i will get the same product which your showing through your advertising he said yes mam you will get the same product same colour design if u will not get the same product dont worry you can give it back if you dnt get the same product.But what i actually get is completely disgusting poorest qaulity product with different colour and designs and when i call for complaing about the quality of product and their colours and designs they simply said sorry mam we can not help you regarding product quality and colours they completely change their statement after the delivery of product.Thier after sale service is soo bad their employer was misguding me and putting my call on hold for 20 -25 min every time i call them they were misguiding me again and again instead of solving my problem.They are making fool of their customer by false advertisement,selling poor quality product with the assurance of best quality product at reasonable rate,after sale srrvice is too bad.They are not fileng my complaiant regarding product quality and their colours and design i asked for the refund of money because but they are not filing my complaint.

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