shopcules / suntek led tv – product is broken but the company is not give response to me aroung 10 days iam waiting

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Reported By: bangalore_HM

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shopcules / suntek led tv

i am purchase this tv on shop clues web site in name of hemamalini my order number is 108460683 delivery date is 04/02/17 the product is coming on broken condition on same day i book return also but first day the shop clues people asking some image i am also providing same details 2nd day they asking shipping label and again and again they asking some of images only all the image i am provide i have mail prove if also almost its getting 12day over today i am call the customer care they said with out shipping label they did not doing any thinning everyday i call the customer care almost iam spacking -1 hour and tv cost is 20000/- they r playing with me i have invoice copy also but they did here my words

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