– Refurbished iPhone X

Reported By: Kshitij Darbari

Contact information: Mumbai, Maharashtra

My name is Kshitij Darbari from New Delhi. I ordered a refurbished iPhone X but i was sent an iPhone XS Max clone. It clearly said that it was refurbished, that was the reason why I bought the product. I had talked to them before receiving the product and they assured me that it was a refurbished iPhone rather than a clone. But when i received the product, it turned out to be an iPhone XS Max clone. I paid Rs. 20000 for the refurbished iPhone. When I called and told them, they said that they will send the replacement. After a couple of days, I called them again but they had blocked my number. I tried calling them from different phone numbers but they blocked them as well. I can’t contact them in any other way. I do not know what to do as this website has duped me of Rs. 20000. Can you please tell me what my next step should be. I will recommend that you should not buy from

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