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Reported By: Mahadevan sivaraman

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On 21.2.17, i made an online payment of Rs.12890/-, towards purchase of
HTC e8 mobile, black color. After I received a call from Shopmonk that they do
not have black color, instead said they will provide white color of the same model.
instead I asked for another model htc m9, they said that I will have to pay the difference
of rs.7100 and said would provide their bank details for me to transfer funds. I requested that I be allowed to pay through credit card. Thereafter till dated I have written several emails, they have not responded, I also requested for refund of my
money, till date neither the product, nor my money, nor any email is received by me
from shopmonk. My name is Mahadevan, and my contact number is 9444434404 and I am from Chennai.



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  1. shopmonk – the high class standard fraud site which i am experiencing now… and its truely my fault that i ordered iphone 7 plus 2 weeks ago from shopmonk and at the last date of delivery as guaranteed now they are saying that the product is not their in there custody and they are expecting the product to be in their custody soon and after that they will ship the same, i am feeling as if i am going through one of the best comedies of this century that they are selling the product which they have never seen and not in custody .. i strongly recommend not to buy anything from shopmonk by seeing their huge offers.. after all offers will only be there and not the ordered item.. a foreign shopping site launched to cheat indian customers as what they did before our independence, no change in attitude and i strongly recommend that our government should take proper steps to black list such sites and should not give them the way to cheat indian citizens