Shopon4u – Refund of Rs 50000/- ( online fraud)

Dear Sir/Madam
I am Sanjay kumar from Assam. And I am a frequent online shopper. Today ,I want to bring before you following few lines about my worst online shopping experience with shopping website and need your kind favor and necessary action to recover my paid amount Rs 52,500 to them.
• Sir, On 24/02/2015 I received a call from me that I have selected as a Top ranking shopper and eligible to win a “ TATA NANO CAR” based on my shopping at promotional hours and hence top ranking at their shopping website. They have also shown me my rank of shopon4u website page( link and told me my rank as in 4th position i.e SO4U-006216.
• Later, they insisted me to do a shopping of worth Rs 2,499/- to become a member of the contest which is necessary to avail a unique user id ( for checking my Rank) and “TATA NANO CAR”contest membership. Accordingly , I paid the amount through SBI net banking.
• After that, I contacted them for unique user id and mail regarding the contest. They asked me to wait for that. On 27/02/2015 Shopon4u customer care executive Mr. Rahul chaudhury called me and congratulate me and assured me that I was selected among Top 3 position from my city, Silchar and now my nomination has been confirmed for TATA NANO CAR. He also told me that the Road TAXs,Insurance of Nano car has to be bear from your end and It will be covered by company by providing you assure gifts of same amount i.e Rs 30,000/- only. He also asked me for scanned documental proof of myself and my nominee’s proof. This was something that grew my trust on him and their contest. I made payment of Rs. 19,998/- on 27/02/2015 and Rs. 9999/- on 28/02/2015 with my SBI net banking.
• I again and again questioned him(Rahul choudhury) about my winning chances and he assured me that after making the payment you will get the user id and mail regarding the same.
• On 2/03/2015 , 12:27 pm I got a call from another person Mr. sahil of ( 01164000283) and he informed me that your are now elegible for “HONDA AMAZE CAR” INSTEAD OF TATA NANO CAR and he told me reason is my increased point. I asked him that I paid Rs 30,000/- for Tatanano only and I could not able to spend more money now (i.e Rs 20000/- asked by sahil to pay for added taxs for HONDA AMAZE CAR). I told him my financial problem and also asked him why I still have not received the said unique user id /password for checking my rank in the contest but he again told me that after making this payment you will defiantly received mail from their end. He insisted me to pay anyhow and later forward my call to account department Miss sakshi on same day.
•Sahil also told me that if u don’t pay this Rs 20000/- amount, in that case your file can not proceed for the TATA NANO CAR as well. So, I had no option left but to pay Rs 20000/- and for that too I had to provide miss sakshi Sharma( account department tel no. 01165029062) my net banking details and order was completed by her. They told me that if the order is done by their end my points will increase more. It is really very sensetive to provide them my SBI Bank netbanking or debit card details. So, first I denied but later she told me that it is very safe and secure and their privacy follows Govt rules and regulations. So , I gave them details but i did not get any order confirmation mail for that transaction.
• I got a verification call from 01149688922 regarding INTEX LED TV 24’’ , Diamond and Gold studded pandant, Track suit of worth Rs 50,000/-. But no confirmation of order or any mail has been received for the same. I called them plenty of times but later they told me to not contact on 01164000283 telling me that it will disqualify my candidature for contest or decrease my points.
• On 3/03/2015 I wrote a mail to [email protected] regarding refund of Rs 50000/- as I developed doubt about their contest authenticity. But they did not reply for the same. So, I called them several time . finally I contacted miss sakshi sharma at 01165029062 but she denied for refund and also threaten me that my file can not proceed further and I have to remove the complain against executives and write that I have no issue with shopon4u. This was something which I had never expect.
• On 7/3/2015, I got verification call from 01149688922 telling me that I had purchase product of worth Rs 20000/- but I told her that already I made a payment of Rs 50000/- and there Is no confirmation mail anything from your website end.
• On 16/03/15, I asked about my file progress or any confirmation mail on 01165029062 but they told me that very soon u will get call from investigate department . Surprisingly , the same hour later I received a call from 01165453212 named NIHARIKA SHARMA of investigation department . She forced me to say that branch is supporting me for my contest. Therefore, now She will apply a fine of Rs 50000/- on me and branch as well.
• I denied for the same. Why I should pay the penalty so I told her that I don’t want to participate in the contest. She threaten me that my amount could not be recover. Later I got a call from Mr. kunal also . He also told me that branch has invested Rs 200000/- on u and now if u back u have to lose ur money.
• I clearly told him(Mr. Kunal) that I am not going to do any further payment , So he replied that in that case ur money can not be refunded and he will arrange for gold plus diamond for worth Rs 50000/- but he is not sure that company will provide u that too because u are leaving the contest in the middle. I was in shock , so I told him that I am not able to pay any money from my side. He again and again insisted me to pay Rs 50000/- but I denied. He again called me on 17/3/2015 for same asking me to pay now 20000/- and he will support something from his side. This seems a clear fraudulent behaviour from his side. So I denied for any further payment and asked him for refund.
• On 24/03/2015 I again contacted miss sakshi Sharma on 01165029062 and asked about my product i.e Gold plus diamond worth Rs 50000/- .She assured that on 25th u will get the consignment no. and tracking id of shipment.
• On 25th march,2015, I again call her for refund but she is completely denying now, even to refund a single rupee and asking to purchase anything for that value or deposit another 50000/- to remain in the contest. I am completely shocked over this. I clearely denied for that and want my hard earn money back. I have to undergo a complete mental harrasment after making payment of Rs 50000/-. There is no reply from their end now.
So, That is my whole plea before you. In this I would like to mention here that I did not want to purchase gold or diamond of Rs 50000/-, I had only taken part in the contest but later when I felt that they demanding more and more money with no confirmation mail I had to backout . I don’t wanted to waste my hard earn money for their useless products. Anyhow, They have taken my hard earn money and I have even not received any product or anything for the same till now except their cheap products(sunglass,wallet) of value Rs 2500/-.
Therefore, it is my humble request to you to kindly intervene in this matter and arrange to refund me Rs 50000/- as well as compensation amount of Rs 5000/- for the mental harassment what the have made to me.
The order ids and transaction dates are mentioned below for ur necessary action please. special offer products Order id -100007165 dated 28/02/2015 Rs 9999/-
Order id- 100007127 dated 27/02/2015 Rs 19,998/-
Order id 100006976 dated 24/02/2015. Rs 2,499/-
And transaction by shopon4u side of Rs 20000/- on 2/03/2015 from my sbi account.
Thanks and regards
Sanjay Kumar, Assam
[email protected]

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  1. sachin jaiswal

    Bhai jitne log bevkoof bane he sab ek sath chalte he dilli aur fir mane plane kiya he kaise jaisharma sahil khan gautam ji ak vardhan ki bajana he sath me inki kutiya bhawna aarohi ko b plz contct me 7509297433

  2. Thanks you mr kumar I appreciate wat u have been done 4 others, by getting cheated. ……..
    I wished u get ur money back…
    and dis cheated people get curse on them….

  3. Even I had got call from shop on 4u some female had called me by saying same thing 1st prize honda car 2nd prize nano… but I got to know about d fraudulent… so i ate her head finally she only got angry n cut d call… tellin dat m not :p

  4. Thanks to you all for reporting your complaints about online fraud, only because of this complaints I got alerted and saved myself of getting into there trap. I was cautious and immediately searched for the complaints and after quick reading of your complaints, and only due to this complaints atleast I didn’t register and ignored it.
    I got call from a no # +911149688900 and caller was a lady named ‘Jia’. The way she was speaking about the scheme I sensed something wrong about this and henced googled it, which helped reach me to this page and saved my seld

    1. I think govt must think to curb the trade license of these fraud companies. These are now reluctant to pick up even my calls. Beaware my dear friends to do order from shopon4 u. The products u wil get are not worthy…and special premier league contest are truly fake. They do not really exist at all. Still I m waiting for refund.