– it’s a part time online work site, they are asking to recharge money but after completing one task they are putting more tasks but can’t be able to withdraw the profit money.

Reported By: Arunava Choudhury

Contact information:
http;// bangalore

it’s a fraud online Marchant company. They request to recharge money and buy products and you can get commissions after that. But after recharge one amount the frizzing the withdraw system and keep increasing the task and asking for more money to pay. At first i recharged with 200/- and get 300/- with 100/- commission but second time i select the 2700/- package where they ensure me that i can get 810/- commission, but after completing the task i ask to do more task which requires more the 2000/- recharge. i refuse to recharge more amount and request them about withdraw the money. But they don’t want to refund any amount or any withdrawal. Please raise a complaint against this fraud company and arrange a refund for me.

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