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A property bought by the undersigned at Renaissance complex being built by Shrachi group(Shrachi Burdwan developers Pvt Ltd) was scheduled to registered on 28.9.13.The date was fixed and communicated only one week back and the undersigned failed to appear at stipulated time. Though further investigation revealed that no such hurry was required as the ADSR came after evening. The undersigned want to get it registered before Durgapuja ’13 as drafts has to be cancelled with ADSR office’s consent and delay will make the situation more complex. the relevant additional cost will be bear by undersigned. But appropiate authority is not lifting the phone and Burdwan wing of the Shrachi is telling that it can only be addressed by Legal cell.The copy of the mail to adequate authority is pasted here.

Arup Nandy
20/7 Anand Bihar

Manager Customer care
Shrachi Burdwan Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Shrachi Tower
Kolkata -700107
Sub: Registration of Bungalow at Renaissance Burdwan
Respected Madam/Sir,
It is a request to cope up the situation arises due to my failure to reciprocate on the date fixed by you for registration of the PLOT NO. RSD2/IRR/3F/245 .
I have got an information on 21.9.13 afternoon that registration of the above said plot could be done on 28.9.13 but before any further briefing the call got dropped. On 23.9.13 I got the letter from you regarding registration details, where it was clearly spelt that due to uncertainty of the availability of ADSR – Burdwan ‘s time on that particular date the allottee may have to wait from 10:00 to 18:00; which was not possible by me due to some prefixed work schedule.
At 14:08 on 28.9.13 when I called to Mr. S Das telling him that I am at Panagarh and reaching at Renaissance complex at 15:00 then Mr. Das’s positive reciprocation was overruled by someone else probably from Legal, who was at helm of affairs on that day. As a result my Registration deffered though I had sent the soft copy of my Draft in favour of ADSR Burdwan, as asked by you.
Its consequence is very clearly known to you. Starting from cost of fund collection, loss of interest ,cancellation of draft from ADSR Office,etc.everything will affect me dearly.
As nothing has been mentioned in clause 10 of GTC regarding mass registration or registration of a single unit , failure of registration on a particular stipulated date etc. I am requesting you to kindly arrange a date before DurgaPuja’13 (along with my consent) to register the same. I am ready to bear any additional relevant cost .


Arup Nandy
Plot no RSD2/IRR/3F/245

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