siddarda Reddy Hyderabad – fake consultant

Hi my name is Naveen. I want to make aware of a person who is froad. His name is siddarda Reddy 09010203399,919059926255,08099462196. Still these no is running. He has posted his ad in quikr that there is jobs in mnc companies with 1to4 days processing time later he will ask for 5000 as a processing feed. me and my friend has paid him 10000 as a fees later he didnt even give response always telling that he is admitted in hospital or the hr has got heart attack. the same reson he is giving. when i have told that i will give complaint on you he is telling that you can do any thing i dont have fear. So please be aware of this bursted.he is from Hyderabad. And if any one can help me please contact me mail i.d is ph 9449495383

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