SIES Graduate School of Technology

SIES Graduate School of Technology (SIES College of Engineering Nerul) – Torturous Principal Dr.Alka Mahajan and arrogant college SIESGST (SIES Graduate school of technology)

SIES Engineering College is going through worst phase of Management.
Please make a note of following points before you get your kids admitted to SIES Engineering college.

– Students are facing issue’s conducting events in college.Unnecessary bias been created by principal between different streams of Engineering such as Electronics and Telecommunication, Comp Eng, I.T, Packing and presentation, Mechanical and Biotech streams.which has create’s unnecessary feud between students.
– Probably anyone can make out the here that Teachers and Students are being ragged by principal.Entire Staff has been suffering because of the such weird behavior of principal.
– Students are forced to through unnecessary hardship.
– Students aren’t allowed to use their cellphones they are been fined exorbitant charges of Rs 5000 for using phones, where in now college has almost collected more than Rs 3 lakh in fine.
– Donations are taken from student ranging between 5 to 10 lakhs.
– Because of improper behavior by principal college has lost placement opportunity from companies such as Infosys, Wipro and Capegemini.
– Attendance issue are not dealt appropriately (for eg:- Principal has even gone to such an extent that a students father had expired and even after his mom visiting the college and informing the same to principal students mom is asked to submit the death certificate in arrogant manner.)
– Parents are treated inappropriately by management staff and principal.They are embarrassed in front of their kids
– Arrogant management staff such as Vijayalaxmi who thinks about she being boss .
– Improper Lab equipments where in students are crammed to work on the work on the same kits in a group of 6 to 7 at a time.
– Students are burdened with number of unnecessary examinations and forced to attend the same.
– College has almost completed 10 years but haven’t received grades because of such arrogant approach towards the AICTE committee

Please don’t waste your KIDS life by forcing them to join such college where Principal has also executed detention plan for students.

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