SJB group of Institutions (GuruCharan Singh) – Blood Sucker of Students

Hello Everyone, This man is Gurucharan Singh, who has ruined many students life. He works at SJB group of Institutions. A cheater who always takes money from students promising Jobs at MNC’s, He provides training to students where he charges a huge sum of money (atleast 5000 from each student) and then after the training he gives some false interviews and proves that he has given a chance to the students to get a job. He bribes all company HR’s with Money, Rolex watches and gold, he promises back door entries also. But never gives jobs. He is spoiling all student lives and the entire education system, I was also cheated very badly from him. Pls i beg everyone who ever has a solid proof against this crook, Pls put in this website so that he will not spoil other students life and spoil the education system.. Pls lets make him stop cheating others and teach him a lesson Regards, Bharath


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