SKY INFOTECH – CORRUPTED and greedy institute

SKYINFOTECH is the most CORRUPTED and greedy institute IN THE WORLD. Nobody should enroll with it. They are after money only. They were involved with a fraud in during 2008, where they went to a college in UP and duped 100 of students. If you don’t have money they will guide you to nearby ATM WITH THEIR PEON DUBEY …TO GET URGENT MONEY PAY THEIR MONEY FEE ANY HOW ..BECAUSE THEY KNOW THAT THEY HAVE NO GOODWILL IN MARKET…….SO THEY DONT TRUST ANY ONE THAT THE STUDENT WILL COME BACK AND PAY THEIR FEE…ONCE THE FEES IS PAID THEY WILL IGNORE YOU LIKE YOU ARE NOBODY TO THEIR INSTITUTE …………

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