SKYBIRDS Manpower & travel consultancy – any body knows about this firm

i came across with a job consultancy named SKYBIRDS Manpower & travel consultancy…they have a registerd liscense : PTC204157 with ministry of corporate affairs and certified by ISO …they have very good openings in singapore,australia,canada for graduates and charging very decently….in internet search iam unable to find any reviews,complaints nothing but except the company web site….if any body knows about this firm plz let me know…which wil be very helpful.

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  1. Hello Guys,

    It’s a really Fake manpower and his owner Samrat ray and Sohan ray both are fraud. Both person has collected around 2/3 crore from Mumbai, Hydrabad, Kolkata and many places. After the collection both persons has been runway and mobile is out of coverage area. If some one know about his real home address please contact me on gmail id.