Way back in 2008 I was looking out for a reputed builder in Mangalore to buy a flat from. I happened to see a brochure which boldly displays the Reputed Cricketer Rahul Dravid as their Brand Ambassador. This is Skyline Constructions,who had started a project in Mangalore called Blue Berry Hills 1. I thought this must be a very good venture and my investment would be safe here and the construction would match the reputation of Rahul Dravid. Alas within months after paying 95% of the cost of the apartment all the co-investors are in for a SHOCK OF THEIR LIFE.

Like most co-customers I too paid promptly 95% of the total cost and was anxiousely waiting the builder to deliver my apartment. It is more than 4 years now from the date of delivery and the construction is not yet complete. No lifts have been installed , no back-up generator no severage system working…..only false promises by the builder. To add insult to injury Skyline is shamelessly asking for the remaining 5% which is the ‘handing over charges’ . We are cheated and the Comsumer Court has to take this up and to save us from this deceit and also future investors being mislead by this company.

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