Skyline Constructions Bengaluru – unethical company

I have booked a flat in SKYLINE Waterfront and have made almoist 90% of the payment, now builder is asking for extra payment in the form of Interest for late payments.

First of all, i dont understand when did i make late payment.
If a demand letter is requested saying we have completed consutuction upto 70-80% accordingly make payment which we have made for the past 2 years now all of sudden he says that there is later payment hence interest needs to be paid.

all my emails are only anwsered saying “Make payment for your delay” only and no Justification as to why to make payment, whose fault is it and when did i make delay .have i made delay in paying my 90% of the amount till now ?
Dhiraj Prabhu is not at all responding to my emails and he is gone hiding i feel, a lady called Nivedita and Reshma Gowda keeps on replying to our emails asking for money., money, money
Let me know, if you have faced such issues Guys, we all can go to consumer court and give a lesson to unethical company.

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