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I am Devendra Singh from Netherlands and invested in real state industry in India by buying an apartment with Skytech Group in Ghaziabad. I am seeking help from government of India to address my problem which is described below: Site Address where property booked: Unit: 805 Skytech Merion Residency ( Phase – II ) GH-06, Crossing Republik, (N.H.-24), Ghaziabad Skytech Office: C-60, Sector 63, Noida, Near Fortis Hospital, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India Problem: Skytech Group Builder is not giving possession for ready to move apartment which was bought in April’2013 and loan was sanctioned in June’2013. Steps what we have taken so far with the coordination with builder instruction: We had an agreement(verbal) with builder to provide the financial service like to sanction the loan from bank and we will make the payment as per the direction of Mohit Mehra(Skytech Banker). They took that responsibility and initiated my loan sanction process with their banker(Mohit Mehra). 1. -I booked the apartment on 8th April’2013 and loan was sanctioned in 23rd June’2013 but builder didn’t accept that cheque from bank without any reason. I made all the payments as per Mohit’s direction. 2. -I was keep on asking from Mohit Mehra and Skytech Manager but didn’t get any ‚Äčcommunication. Then suddenly they called and aksed for some money without any reason then I asked them to provide the demand note for that amount for which they are asking for but they didn’t provide anything. 3. -Having continuous communication, they said that they will provide the invoice for the amunt to be paid meanwhile initiate the process to reissue the cheque and then we initiated again through the same channel of their banker (Mohit Mehra) and the second time loan was sanctioned on 16th December’2013 and after that they didn’t respond for any thing as they committed to do. 4. -In the meantime they called my mom and sister many times in their offices and didn’t provide any kind of information or document they were keep on saying that you will get your apartment soon. 5. -In March’2014, they said there are some maintenance charge once you pay that amount then we will allow you to get possession and we immediately made that payment but they didn’t provide official invoice for that amount but we got a receipt from them. 6. -After that amount, they asked for stamped duty and registration amount, then again my mom, sister and cousin went to their office as it’s expected to go to registrar office for registration but they force to my mom, sister and cousin to come to their office and now they again said the same thing what they asked for earlier like there is some pending amount then all of us asked for the demand note in written to make that payment. 7. -I have given power of attorney to my mom to complete all the formalities on behalf of me. She is 55 yrs old and very weak in health. Still she visited their office many time as Skytech group’s invitation through Mohit Mehra however they promised to call her only one or two times to get the things done. 8. -In the last meeting, they humiliated my mom and sister very badly. Now, they are not feeling good to meet those people again. 9. -Now, having so much pressure she got hospitalized Actions from myside to address this problem: 1. -I have made so many communication by email and voice call from Netherlands to fix this problem asap with builder(Mayank Chawla-Rakesh Chawla), Mohit Mehra, Satish Malik, Ajay Chauhan. But these people trapped in bad way even my mom and sister are surviving a lot. She (my sister) met an accident because of such a pressure of invested money to get a house to live. 2. -When I didn’t receive any good result to address this problem then I decided to file an RTI. I filed 2 RTI but they didn’t respond well to give those answers. Based on their second reply they asked to visit their office to meet Mr. Ajay Chauhan. As I have already state that my mom is quite weak and cant travel from my home town(Moradabad) to Ghaziabad therefore she asked my cousin to go there and he called to Mr. Ajay more than 30 times but no respectful reply from their side. No time is given to have some discussion with them to address this. 3. I have dropped so many mail to get any demand note to make that payment but there is no reply from Skytech Group. 4. -They took all money like apartment downpayment, maintenance, registration fees, stamp duty and lawyer fee but they didn’t accept bank’s cheque. 5. -I have question to them under which act they accepted registration fees, stamp duty and lawyer fee but not the bank issued cheque ? 6. if we owe some amount then why did they send any demand note till now. 7. My booking date is 8th April’2013 and loan sanction date 23rd June’2013. Why didn’t they accept the cheque. Request for Resolution: I do humble request as an NRI to you to address my problem so that other foreign investor should not get affected or cheated by such builders. There are many cases against this builder now. I have attaching almost all the document and receipt provided by Skytech group. If you need then I can share the bunch of email which I dropped them. Builder(Mayank Chawla)called my cousin to make him greedy and threaten me by saying that he can make me jobless. I have that recording with me.

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