Snapdeal – http.// freezed my payment without knowing by me .

Reported By: Rekha Rai

Contact information:
http.// Phillipines

I’m a house wife with two school going kids. Yesterdnight I was searching for the extra online income apps on the Google site, I saw the website http.// I registered my self on that website and when I start operating on, one Amyra named girl /woman came to help me to get in the further process by WhatsApp number ( +63 9999437608)She told me to recharge by 100rs first and gave it back immediately after 5 minutes and she told me recharge as per the order grabbing by the buttons. I had complete Lev2 also and amount was withdrawal after hours. When I get in to the Lev3 the 2 recharges are automatically get freezed and she is scolded me to complete the third task of payment i.e. Rs17500/- immediately. I request her so many times but she is not yet ready to unfreeze my previous payment. Please help me out to refund my money. I have to pay school fees for my kids.

Therefore, I am not a working women so that I can have a great amount on my account. As I said earlier, I am a simple housewife , so I was searching for the extra income from the online site. But, it’s very disgusting experience with me for the first time. Please help me to refund my amount as soon as possible.

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