SNL Infotech – Fraud Company in Noida

Hi All,

It was my most unfortunate time, when I got associated with SNL Infotech, Noida. These people are HIGHLY unprofessional and treat employees like garbage!

They make false promises and mislead!

They conceal facts!

They have the most unprofessional, stupid way of getting things done.

They have NO manners, NO leadership traits and NO sanity!

They mentally, socially and emotionally harass their employees and say HIGHLY inappropriate things to women employees.

They dont pay salary on time and dont pay salary to their consultants who get associated with their clients.

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  1. Falendra Sharma

    Hi , i am falendra sharma and working with snl from 2011, i have started my career from here and learn a lot, and also getting my salary properly.
    i thing the complainer is in frustration after being fired from company..
    “Bhai join kiya tha to sab sahi tha, tumhare jate hi sab kharab ho gaya”

  2. it is co incidence that there is no Akarsh joined SNL INFOTECH from start of the company.

    it seems like fake complained to abuse some one.

    Hr Department

  3. Hi, this is garima singh and i am working with snl infotech from past four month, i am getting my money properly and on time ..
    one thing is sure..
    garbage is always treated as garbage , either it is in home or it is in a company…

    this is fake complained don’t abuse any company like this way , this is not a professional way .. single one can not decide about a company…

  4. i want to ask to this stupid one that if every thing is bad and also you are not satisfied with company and you agree that they are making payment but late and completing the task may be in bad manners, “what is in it like fraud” .

    How can this stupid confirm a company as fraud?

    this stupid is full with jealous…
    i am hemant from Govardhan Mathura , working with company from last two years getting my money properly….

  5. Rajeev Lochan Sharma

    This is to inform all that if any fired employee wants that company will rejoin him/her by this kind of stupid activities then it will never possible. i will take strict action against related persons.
    and if any one has problem then come to us with proper identity ,, don’t use this kind of fake names.., i know it is done by and p…a.. after being fired. firstly change attitude of work , follow the office timings and deadlines to work … office is never a picnic point .. manage personal relations at home, not in office …

    Rajiv Lochan Sharma
    (Branch Manager)

  6. Hi, I am Bandita and working for snl infotech from last three years. i am very surprised to see these stupid lines. i am totally agree with Mr. Rajiv Lochan..
    there should be no space for the person who is making the working environment dirty..
    right decision to through out this kind of person from the company…
    and no akarsh joined snl till now .. i think some one using fake name to defame us..
    but this way of abusing is very bad… take a strict action against him if you know this dirty mind …

  7. SNL Infotech totally froud company hai. yaha ladkiya safe nahi hai. unke sath zabardasti ki jaati hai. boss se le kar peon tak girls ke sath galat salook karte hai.