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Reported By: Veena_Hari

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I am residing in Sobha HillView, Off Kanakapura Road, Bangalore. There has been some recent developments in Sobha Hillview following which the Management Committee had sent a mail to all residents of Sobha. Certain points in the email is causing me great concern as I have invested my hard earned money here . I always believed that Sobha Developers never compromised on quality and so I was thrilled when I was able to own a Sobha apartment.

1. Communication from the MC to the residents

“Roof treatment at Sunbeam:

The quality of construction at Sunbeam is generally poor. We had to attend to three major roof leakage at a cost of approx. 1.2 lacs.In addition, the jointing leak between the buildings had resulted in the Electric Panel room of Sunbeam 1 badly leaking. This was an electric hazard and non-compliance by KEB standards.The entire work had resulted in approx cost of 2 lakhs.”

The above communication is of great concern to me as I own two flats in Sunbeam. The person/people who sent out this communication may not be experts and so I am hoping that their observations are wrong. Could you please clarify whether the quality of construction at Sunbeam has been compromised? Is there a solution to this? Also please take note of the cost factor involved

2. Communication from the MC to the residents


Our STP is of old design and not any more supported by the Israeli company. This is the unfortunate legacy that Sobha has left us with.The MC carried out a study and concluded that in the long run we will need to replace the filter at an approximate cost of 13 lakhs. The system has to be overhauled to give an extended life.”

Stinking flush water was an issue which we had been facing for quite a long time (almost an year). Though we used to manage with fresh water from tap, it was always an embarrassment when we had guests. Only recently did we have a slight respite from the problem following microbial dosing. Could you please clarify whether you have adopted a similar design in any other Sobha apartment in Bangalore or elsewhere and whether you face such problems there too? Please advise on how we can rectify this.

3. Communication from the MC to the residents
“Swimming pool
The filtering system was not functional for the last 2 years.The filter’s multi port valve was damaged and we couldn’t find a suitable replacement despite reaching out to several vendors (including Sobha), as these are outdated models.”

Has Sobha used this “outdated” model elsewhere? Is there a solution?

4. A problem which I faced couple of years back

There was water seepage in my apartment following which the ceiling and walls of two bedrooms and passage became molded . Upon complaining, the estate manager and the MC had then informed me that the issue was due to leakage in the water shaft and the access to the shaft is from the 2nd floor apt . Since the occupier in the apt was not available, the maintenance team was not able to take up the repair work immediately. They waited for three months for the owner to return and by that time severe damage was caused. When I asked whether there wasn’t a workaround I was told that there is no workaround without risking the life of the plumber.

If the information I got from the EM office and the MC is right, then it is pointing to a serious design flaw. Can you please advise?

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