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Sobha Dream Acres

The reason of booking the flat in sobha dream acres (Sda):
1. Sobha is known for its quality. Has a track record of good quality.

2. Location of project is really good as it is among many business parks and accessible to most of companies in bangalore.

3. No legal hassles

4. No need to track and review of the construction as sobha understands its responsibility very well.

5. Good customer relationship history.

6. Tested technology (Precast technology) used worldwide and best part is sobha is using so quality and delivery will be an example for other builders.

It is nice to see so many points in this project so we went ahead and booked. The reality is:

Sobha quality:
After rain you see water seepage in your flat. Water will come inside from all possible ways say it from ceiling or from window shades or from the sewage pipes hidden beneath pseudo ceiling in bathrooms. You name it so you will get it. The process of water proofing to flat is either ineffective or have no expertise or it is fake. Please see the pictures

The quality shown to us in sample flat is the not what we are getting. Aluminum window and door channel is thinner than sample flat. The door which is given to us is just a two sheets of laminations hollow inside. Tiles used are old, full of scratches. The locks fitted on the door are either coming out or key is getting break easily. See the pictures.

Sobha precast factory working around 18-24 hours a day and construction is very a month we are getting around two to three demand notes from builder for release of money.

But quality is worst which is only suitable for c-grade builders.

New technology (Precast technology) is good but sobha has no expertise for it. We are seeing many issues because of it.

Sobha is stopping customers visiting inside under construction flats with any context, so that customers will not to be aware of the issues and sobha will handover flat to them. So what happens after handover – customer keep on escalating the issues and sobha justifies all with proper reasoning for their quality team. No rectification only mail chains prevail from crm.

We customers found the template answer for sobha quality department from crm:

“we would like to inform you that the project is still under execution and the quality check is a continuous process and no activity is complete without it being cleared by the quality dept. The quality dept will always check all such issues and get it rectified as per the process document before and after construction of the building.”

But are we seeing the quality anyway?


While booking we were told that there will be 80 feet road and there will be a separate road to croma for easy of journey. But reality is after rain water is getting logged where only water tanker could sail but not cars. See the picture.

Good customer relationship history:

Seeing the all above if you mail to crm asking the reason. They will answer improperly and will give only half truth answers always. Crm is to block customers than helping them. The layer of crm should be removed if customers need to happy. So the million dollar question.

Are these the reasons we should book flat with sobha?

I know putting these points in public can affect re-sale of flats. But if sobha shows presence of mind, this could turn into one of the best projects in bangalore. After all 85 acres project with lots of amenities are very hard to conceive along with all positive factors is win-win for sobha and customers…

The pictures are of newly constructed apartments and the location around the project

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