Sobha Dream Acres – ruining financial planning and pack of lies

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Sobha Dream Acres

I am not going to talk about quality, punctuality or commitment. I am presenting another aspect of customers of sobha dream acres (Sda). Readers can have their own discretion.

What builder is doing now post booking is really sad but we also feeling cheated by first line of sobha – sales team. They can proudly boast sales tactics. But we call it as grave cheating.

Sales team officers provide information which attracted all of us along with brand name sobha. Will try to cover all the points which i have faced and i hope many of us as well.

Improper planning from sohba:
One of the major issue is sales team’s lies and improper information about prl schedules. We can claim sobha’s poor planning and bad foresight of prls to customers due to new technology.

Majority of existing customers have done their financial planning as per handover date. These customers are the focus customer base of sobha for sobha dream acres, now they are in financial mess.

We have been told by sales officers that prl would come after every 3-4 months. Which sounds reasonably fair as per arrangement of finances and buckling up financial planning.

But in reality is it comes in every 25th day and 70% of demands are made within 5 months. This is becoming a disaster for our planning.

Many of us are overloaded with penalties and heavy overdue of amount.

If they knew about technology they knew the time or rate of construction also, so should have told the facts upfront in pre-booking phase. We would have decided otherwise.

Many of us agree that agreement is construction based but question is how we are going determine the rate of construction in pre-launch phase?

I was told that flats having 10 years warranty.
But not written in agreement – trusted sobha as brand. My fault.

Prr (Peripheral ring road) to orr (Outer ring road) road widening tender. Customers were informed that sobha and prestige have been allotted a road widening tender from government.
Again a lie from sales team would attract investor more than end user.

I hope everyone faced the string of lies and now should come up in public so that at least potential customers can decide better than us.

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