Solis trading company – My money is freeze

Reported By: Anuja Parmar

Contact information:
Solis trading company Pune

Hi there was an agent who offer me part time job, name called ansuya. She told me to register with the site. Then they offer me a task were I need to deposit 100rp.after that i earn. some. money they refund my amount after that again they ask for continue so i invest some 1000 rs aftr that thr product price is raise and they ask me to complete 8 task i have complete some 10-12 task when i told them that tutor told me these are sub task you have to complete 4 more task to complete these 4 task i have already invest some 30k and they asked more money to unfreeze my money and now i don’t have money so they ask me to take loan please help me to get my money back they are cheaters.

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